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Evaluate Your Risk Management
Fresh perspectives and new insights

Streamline Processes

You strive to hire the best underwriters in the business. Don't let your underwriting processes get in their way. RGAX can help you review your processes to ensure they're also the best in the industry.

Improve Turnaround Times

Underwriting can also be time consuming, and taking too long to complete the underwriting process can cost you opportunities. Conducting an underwriting process review can help identify inefficiencies in your new business process and help improve your turnaround times.

What Is An Underwriting Audit?

The primary objective of an underwriting audit is to identify factors in your underwriting decisions that could have a negative impact on your exposure to risk. We'll also look for adherence to underwriting requirements, treaty parameters, internal underwriting guidelines and underwriting administration.

We Take It to the Next Level

We take auditing to a higher level than most firms by considering risk management at every step from new business to administration. Here's what our audits will cover:

  • Case sample selection

  • Appropriateness of risk assessment and classification of medical, financial, and non-medical risks

  • Adherence to internal underwriting guidelines, treaty parameters, published underwriting requirements, and prescribed processes

  • Substantiation of financial eligibility

  • Suitability of further medical, financial, and non-medical requirements

  • Adequacy of file documentation to support decisions made

  • Proper referral to the medical department or co-signer

  • Identify patterns of exception

  • Detailed report including case summaries

  • Trending and demographics charting

  • Training and development plans for underwriters with below standard audit scores or areas of concern

Our Commitment to You

Our team of auditors have in-depth underwriting knowledge that spans across the life insurance and reinsurance industry. They know the right questions to ask and understand the downstream impact of various functions as they relate to your business. Our commitment to our clients shows in the way we deliver on our promises.


Our average delivery time for a complete audit report is three weeks once your audit is complete.


Our audits minimize disruptions to your operations because your staff won't need to take time away from the office.


We'll customize our timelines to ensure you meet your audit schedule.


As an independent reviewer, we will provide an unbiased, objective opinion based on current risk management and industry best practices.

Put Our Experience to Work for You

Almost every organization we work with has some idea of how they could improve their underwriting workflow. Our experts can help you transform your ideas into action.

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