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The Transformation Imperative

In an age of ever-evolving customer needs and technologies, brimming with new disruptive market entrants and changing regulations, insurance carriers and distributors around the world are recognizing the need to transform their business and operating models in order to continue to succeed and remain competitive.

Our Approach: Fostering an Ecosystem of Innovation

Helping the life and health insurance industry embrace transformation requires a different kind of thinking and oftentimes, a new approach. Together, we can uncover and identify your organization’s common challenges to innovation and provide the guidance, tools and partnerships needed to instill the right environment for transformative change.

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Embracing a Culture of Innovation

Accelerating the pace of innovation within your own organization or driving new initiatives requiring out-of-the-box thinking can be challenging. We’ve helped carriers and other businesses embrace this innovative spirit and channel a new way of approaching concept exploration.

Approaching a Challenge Holistically

We’ve built a comprehensive framework around the innovation process, consisting of key roles, cadence/ governance, tools/templates, and reporting, to ensure all key perspectives are taken into account and progress is accelerated at every stage.

Global Network of Existing Resources

Deep transformative change requires collaboration at the broadest scale. Through an extensive network of global operations, partnerships, investments and clients, we’ve created the industry’s most comprehensive source of knowledge, talent and capabilities.

We definitely got a new perspective after completing the Life Design Sprint! It increased focus on an identified problem, enhanced the range of potential solutions, and gave us the opportunity to look at it from different perspectives and generate more “out of the box” ideas. The sprint also helped us fix a list of quick implementations and bring them together with long-term actions.


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What We Do: Empower

In addition to helping create the right environment for transformative change, RGAX helps organizations uncover and address emerging business challenges, and accelerate innovation by leveraging technology and proven approaches.

Industry Collaborations

Together, we can achieve more. That’s why we regularly develop solutions in collaboration with organizations across and outside of the insurance industry. Through the sharing of resources and the pooling of risk, we’re able to jointly conceive, build and launch new, industry-changing products and services.

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Life Design Sprints

Have an idea? Our Life Design Sprints are focused innovation sessions, led by RGAX life and health insurance sprint masters, that can help you better define problem statements, design and develop pragmatic solutions, and test and launch prototypes more quickly and with less risk.

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Agile Product Development

We understand the risks inherent in experimenting with new products, tools and processes. So we’ve created a ready-built infrastructure that allows carriers to quickly launch and test products, while minimizing costs and any impacts to their existing business.

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