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The Future of Underwriting is Here

AURA NEXT is the Next-Generation of Advanced Underwriting Solutions

Technology You Can Build Your Business On

More than just a rules engine, AURA NEXT provides a data-driven underwriting decision management platform. With clients in 20 countries and supporting 10+ languages, AURA NEXT IS processing more than 5 million transactions annually. Imagine what AURA NEXT can do for you.

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In today's hypercompetitive life insurance market How you sell is just as important as what you sell in today's highly competitive life and health insurance markets. life insurance consumers expect a buying experience that is streamlined, less intrusive, and tailored to them, with products that fit their lifestyle. AURA NEXT can help you provide just what they're looking for.

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Underwriting is an ever evolving discipline, and the future belongs to those who are first to adapt. AURA NEXT was architected specifically to support the data driven environment in which your underwriters operate. Utilizing the full capabilities of the AURA NEXT solution your teams will be able to efficiently utilized the new emerging evidence sources to provide immediate comprehensive underwriting decisions at point of sale.

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AURA NEXT is fueled by the market-leading underwriting knowledge of RGA, one of the largest global life and health reinsurers in the world. No other solution provider brings our level of expertise and focus to your business.

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In today's markets, data is like gold. That's exactly how we'll treat yours. We'll help you leverage it to grow your business and drive more satisfying customer experiences, while always keeping it secure.

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AURA NEXT is Architected to Endure

No one really know what the future holds, but AURA NEXT can help you be ready.


By providing AURA NEXT as a SaaS solution, you always have access to the latest features and enhancements, which are provided quarterly. Our annual subscription model also provides production support and maintenance.


We chose AWS as our hosting environment for AURA NEXT to ensure our customers have instant access to the capacity they need without paying for any they don't.


AURA NEXT can be tailored to fit your underwriting processes today while keeping pace with changes to your strategies and best practices.


AURA NEXT can help you gain deeper insights into your business and spot new opportunities and potential problems faster than ever.

Technology You Can Build Your Business On

More than just a rules engine, AURA NEXT provides a data-driven decision management platform. Clients in 20 countries using 10+ languages are processing more than 5 million transactions annually on our platform. Imagine what AURA NEXT can do for you.

Transformation Starts Here

Shifting consumer expectations, new data sources, and technology innovations are driving rapid changes in risk assessment for the life insurance industry. As a long-standing risk-sharing partner, RGA understands these challenges and is ready to help with robust digital and data-driven risk assessments solutions imbedded with our underwriting and mortality expertise.

DHD Service

Transform digital health data (DHD) into actionable underwriting insights.

Rx Scoring

Simplify and accelerate underwriting decisions with Rx scoring solutions from RGA.

Credit-Based Scoring

Leverage a credit-based insurance score that is predictive of mortality and lapse risk.

Driver Risk

Use driver risk as an indicator of when to invest in motor vehicle records.

Ready for the Future of Underwriting?

Have 60 minutes? One of our team would be happy to walk you through a quickdemo of AURA NEXT so you can see the future ofunderwriting for yourself.

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