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TCARE Secures New Partnerships

ST. LOUIS, MO — Announced today, TCARE technology delivers an evidence-based and holistic approach to support family caregivers while still maintaining clinical fidelity. TCARE continues to improve and expand their cloud-based case management system, which is custom-designed for integration with big data and communications applications. By matching years of longitudinal data on changes that occur throughout a caregiver's journey with RGAX’s deep-industry experience and established process methodologies specific to life insurance, TCARE is expected to continue building new solutions & services for the long-term care market.

T_Care Image2

RGAX, the “transformation engine” of global reinsurer RGA, applies top-tier talent and cutting-edge approaches to support entrepreneurs who are leading industry change and expanding the footprint of the life insurance ecosystem. “We chose to partner with TCARE because their evidence-based data analytics has the potential to solve big problems for healthcare payors, such as managing future costs for long-term services.” Says Peter Rodes, Vice President of Consumer Engagement at RGAX, “We were specifically attracted to their technology in advanced care using AI for identifying social determinants of health.”

The future plans include utilizing AI integration to analyze important factors that lead to the decision of long term care. Once a caregiver is enrolled into TCARE®, the software can predict three- and six-months in advance when caregivers will use long term care services (such as Adult Daycare, shown above). Depression levels can also be predicted six months in advance to significantly reduce crisis events, based on addressing models of demographic data and care-receiver/caregiver dyad information. TCARE’s evidence-based care management platform uses a predictive model that reduces family caregiver burnout, ultimately delaying nursing home placement and reducing claims.

Through this partnership with RGAX, TCARE will continue expanding their reach and providing caregivers with the right resources at the right time. Currently, TCARE is implemented in over 250 organizations in 22 states, impacting the lives of over 100,000 family caregivers. After a TCARE intervention, over 80% of caregivers reported lower levels of stress and depression in as few as six months. Other partners of TCARE include Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS), Area Agencies on Aging (AAA), Medicare Plans, Medicaid Managed LTSS plans, and state government agencies.       


About TCARE:

TCARE’s technology is an award-winning, evidence-based family caregiver support solution that uses precision targeting & mapping of resources to reduce family caregiver burnout. TCARE’s technology comprises state-of-the-art intelligent algorithms, data prediction models and analytics that pull Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) data creating innovative LTSS and LTC population health risk management solutions. For additional information, visit tailoredcare.com or send an email to: info@tailoredcare.com