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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and Our Life Covered Puts Focus on Millennial Moms

NEW YORK, Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and Our Life Covered, created by RGAX to empower women to learn about life insurance, believes it is most important for Millennial Moms, one of the most underserved populations in the U.S.

For too long, women ages 25 to 44 thought they were too young to even consider life insurance. But Our Life Coveredknows that in reality, anyone having a baby, getting married or carrying debts or student loans should consider having life insurance. 

Millennial women - and especially Millennial Moms - are often the main financial decision-makers at home and have massive purchasing power.  However, these younger women may not be aware that their premiums would typically be lower because they are often at the peak health of their lives.

Donna Jermer, Our Life Covered Vice President and head of digital distribution for RGAX, has seen first-hand the effects of unexpected tragedy on young mothers.  Her goal is to empower women to be able to look out for their loved ones themselves.

"The vast majority of women want to be financially independent and want to know that they can take matters into their own hands," said Jermer.  "We want women to understand that life insurance exists as a means of combatting poverty and a way to better protect their family.  It gives them, above all, peace of mind."

Jermer noted that life insurance can help cover everything from final expenses, to student loan debt, to the mortgage on a family home. It can provide security for business partners and spouses while helping ensure that your kids can go to college without the heavy burden of their own loans.

Our Life Covered helps women through the entire process – not just purchasing coverage, but educating and engaging with women after the policy is issued to help them holistically live longer, healthier, more financially secure lives.

About Our Life Covered and RGAX

Our Life Covered empowers women to learn more about how life insurance can help provide peace of mind and help protect the people they love. With digital processing to help provide the education and resources necessary to get coverage quickly and easily, Our Life Covered has a team of human experts just a click or phone call away. For more information, please visit www.ourlifecovered.com.

RGAX is the transformation engine of Reinsurance Group of America dedicated to fusing industry expertise and outside capabilities. RGAX is working with insurance clients to deploy consumer marketing campaigns designed to help people live longer, healthier, more financially secure lives. One of the marketing programs, Our Life Covered, has created "women-centric" messages about life insurance and provides educational support and multiple rates for life insurance companies.