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Underwriting Services

Performance-driven solutions to optimize your life underwriting operations

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Experience You Can Trust for the Decisions You Count On

At RGAX, we understand that effective underwriting requires more than data. Our team can augment your staff resources, help improve your processes and streamline your underwriting, making it quicker and more seamless for both customers and agents.

Solving Those Most Pressing Challenges Together

When demand spikes or you have gaps in staffing resources, our extensive team of experienced life underwriters can help provide additional bench strength. If driving operational efficiencies or increasing underwriting skills has been identified as a focus area, our experts are here to evaluate and help improve processes as well as provide training programs to enhance your team’s underwriting knowledge.

Through a full spectrum of underwriting solutions, we can help you overcome whatever challenges you’re currently facing.

  • Resource constraints and fluctuations
  • Operational inefficiencies and complex tasks
  • Expertise and knowledge gaps

Maximize Underwriting Production

Underwriting volumes can fluctuate throughout the year and well-versed underwriters can be hard to find, making it difficult to keep pace with the changing business landscape. Our team of professional life underwriters are ready to fill in when you need them most.


  • Multilingual and experienced in multiple geographies: Canada, United States, Caribbean, and International

  • Trained to handle face amounts of $50M+

  • Full transparency with management reporting and operational insights


  • Ability to use existing underwriting workflow

  • Equipped to support simplified issue to fully underwritten products across life, critical illness and disability income

  • Flexible pricing models to best suit your needs

Assess Your Underwriting Quality & Decisions

Our experienced team can identify inconsistencies as well as potential concerns in your risk management processes and can help you implement best practices to improve underwriting decisions and outcomes.

Knowing the right questions to ask and understanding the downstream impact of various functions is a core part of our team’s evaluation. We assess risk probability at every step, from new business to administration, delivering:

  • Streamlined processes

  • Improved turnaround times

  • Fresh perspectives and new insights

  • Simplified underwriting programs

Grow Your Team Professionally

Within an evolving industry comes the need to develop motivated and knowledgeable teams. Building a team of high-performing underwriters does not begin and end with hiring the most experienced or most qualified candidates.

Reduce Onboarding Time for New Underwriters

An underwriters’ first 90 days are vital to their performance and to their longevity within your organization. We provide a full suite of training services that can help you bring new hires to full productivity faster.

Increase Learning Opportunities for Your Team

Whether new to life underwriting, an experienced underwriter or as a manager, our learning programs can help shape a solid foundation for a career in life underwriting.

Explore Training Programs

Underwriting Services Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Whether the need is for a short-term tactical solution or a long-term strategic partner to help plan for the future, we'll customize underwriting solutions to meet your business requirements.

Expand capabilities

  • Outsourced underwriting administration and programs

  • Front/back-end processing with affiliated TPA

  • Phone interviews

  • Tele-application processing

  • Express doctor's report

Work smarter

  • Review and assessment of underwriting operations and processes

  • Objective guidance on underwriting best practices

  • Independent audit of underwriting decisions and administration

Boost expertise

  • Online, interactive underwriting education courses

  • Customized training to support various levels of experience

  • Assessments to measure underwriting skills and knowledge on varying topics

The Experience and Talent You Need

Our team of underwriters have in-depth knowledge that span across the life insurance and reinsurance industry. Our commitment to our clients is evident in how we deliver on our promises.


Let our experts do the work for you. When demand spikes or you lose staff unexpectedly, you can lean on our extensive pool of experienced life underwriters. We deliver long-term strategic solutions and short-term tactical support.


Collaboration is essential when faced with functions as vital as underwriting. Thorough documentation, management reporting and actionable insights, we can help you achieve synergies across your organization and improve your underwriting output and capacity.


Building trust and establishing decades of industry experience takes time and a disciplined approach. Our team of underwriters have deep knowledge and understanding in a variety of insurance products and hold industry designations such as FALU, FLMI, and ALHC.


Handle volatility in your underwriting caseloads. By working closely with each client, we can tailor a support plan that meets your unique needs and covers the necessary level of support so you can more successfully gain new business.

Put Our Experience to Work for You

Almost every organization we work with has an idea or two on how they could improve their underwriting process. Our experts can help you take these ideas and transform them into action. Let us know what challenges you're currently experiencing and we can tackle them together, sharing what we’ve learned along the way.

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