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Automated underwriting and decision management for the digital age

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SaaS-Based Platform Built for What's Next

AURA NEXT, our automated digital underwriting platform for life and health insurers, delivers the quickest, most accurate decisions at the point of sale.

Experience faster, data-driven underwriting decisions without sacrificing risk assessment accuracy and underwriting discipline.

Automated Underwriting Decisions

AURA NEXT provides a complete view of risk through:

  • Advanced, reflexive interview questions delivered when and where required

  • Industry accepted evidence sources with the ability to integrate predictive models and electronic health records

  • Modern architecture enabling multivariate decisioning and advanced analytics


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Advanced Underwriting Intelligence

Data visualization insights provide meaningful metrics and key performance indicators to enable strategic, operational decision-making. Some features include:

  • Refining underwriting rules

  • Monitoring decision frequency

  • Maintaining decision quality

  • Analyzing trends

  • Capturing demographics

  • Tracking new business opportunities


AURA NEXT is a strong system with a great track record and continued investment.

- Celent Awards 2020


Technology is Everywhere, but Expertise is Exclusive

Consumers are seeking a more seamless and less-intrusive underwriting process while maintaining the expectation for speed. However, in order to be accurate and comprehensive, oftentimes, more invasive means of assessing applicants’ risk are required.

The proper automated underwriting technology can help address this challenge by enabling accelerated processing turnaround times and a more consistent, disciplined risk assessment. AURA NEXT was architected to consider all available evidence sources and was built as a responsive, secure underwriting technology platform. When integrated into your digital transformation strategy, AURA NEXT’s automated underwriting can positively impact your customer’s experience as well as the overall turnaround times from start to finish.


  • Enables multivariate decisioning, including incorporation of foundational evidence sources such as TransUnion TrueRisk® Life (mortality-based credit score), MIB, MVR, Rx

  • Industry accepted evidence sources with the ability to integrate predictive models and electronic health records


  • Delivers decisions to any distribution channel, including financial advisors, call centers, and direct-to-consumer, while consistently applying the same underwriting discipline

  • Utilizes new and emerging evidence sources and allows additional evidences to be sourced through existing channels alongside those available on the AURA NEXT platform


  • Built using responsive design techniques and delivered with a full library of interviews reflecting the 50+ years of combined underwriting expertise of RGA

  • Incorporates leading scientific behavioral science research in a reflexive way that benefits the applicant and captures the most accurate disclosure information

Real Time

  • Because it’s a SaaS model, clients are always current with the latest version of software

  • Features an information repository to refine underwriting rules, monitor trends and maintain decision quality

Committed to Re-Imagining the Future of Underwriting




Markets worldwide

5 Million+

Applications processed annually


Languages supported

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Learn how one insurer reduces application processing times from weeks to just minutes. 

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An Emphasis on Security

AURA NEXT applies security best practices to protect you, so you can be more effective at protecting others.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting combined with a disaster recovery plan ensures your data is always accessible.


RGA data protection policies prohibit the disclosure or misuse of information about your customers.


Comprehensive systems monitoring and logging activity protect against unauthorized access.


SOC 2 Type II compliant (based on third party audit firm assessment) provides quality system controls.


“Completing the SOC 2 Type II examination gives our clients an understanding of the processes, controls, and operating effectiveness in place on the AURA NEXT platform related to security, availability, and confidentiality.”

-Tonya Blackmore, Senior Vice President, Head of SaaS, RGAX

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Work Smarter and Faster with AURA NEXT

AURA NEXT, the most advanced digital underwriting platform for life insurers, offers access to RGA’s underwriting and analytics expertise for the quickest, most accurate decisions at the point of sale.


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