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Tips, trends, and best practices shared by our team of life insurance underwriters

Will Pharmacogenetics Impact Life Underwriting?

We are excited to be exploring an overview of Pharmacogenetics with Senior Underwriter, Garen Markarian. Make sure to subscribe to our Life Underwriting Hub to receive the latest key trends in your inbox.

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Underwriting Applicants with Epilepsy

In a complex industry, understanding diverse health conditions and concerns can help you become more efficient and confident in your role as a life underwriter. Subscribe to get longstanding and emerging trends in life underwriting directly to your...

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Accounting for Abnormal Kidney Function in Younger Ages

This week, Senior Underwriter, Elliott Dickson explores abnormal kidney functions in younger ages.

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What Tests Should Underwriters Reference for Liver Function?

Part III of our Underwriting Liver Function Blog Series: If you tuned into part II of this liver function series, you had the chance to join the first half of our sing-a-long playlist. And more importantly, learn some of the key tests underwriters...

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Underwriter’s Guide to Measuring Liver Function [A Sing-A-long]

Part II of our Underwriting Liver Function Blog Series: Remember when the movie Sound of Music taught us ‘when you read you begin with A-B-C and when you sing you begin with Do-Re-Mi’? Even if you haven’t seen the movie I am sure you remember using...

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Does My Doctor Know How Much I Really Drink?!

Part I of our Underwriting Liver Function Blog Series: Picture this. You are visiting the doctor for a check-up, answering a slew of questions to help them understand your current state of health. Waiting slowly but surely for that dreaded question...

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