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Leverage Our Expertise

Technology is everywhere, but expertise is exclusive

We're More Than a Tech Company

In 2003, AURA NEXT launched as one of the first underwriting technology solutions on the market. But what makes our customers appreciate us so much is our underwriting experience. We've been in your shoes!

Backed by RGA

One of the world's largest and most highly respected global life and health reinsurers

End-to-End Services

Complete underwriting support, including consulting, services, and technology

Experienced Underwriters

50+ years of combined underwriting expertise

Expect More

With AURA NEXT, data visualization insights, powered by AURA Business Intelligence, provides meaningful metrics and key performance indicators to help enable more effective strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making.


  • Refine underwriting rules

  • Monitor decision frequency

  • Maintain decision quality

  • Analyze trends

  • Monitor demographics

  • Track new business

The Future of Underwriting is Here. Are You Ready?

Have 60 minutes? One of our team members would be happy to walk you through a quick demo of AURA NEXT so you can see for yourself.