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Greenhouse Insurance is helping carriers and partners launch innovative life insurance solutions with greater speed and confidence.
We’re powered by RGAX and are backed by years of industry expertise.


We've found that for many carriers it costs too much, and takes too long to bring new insurance propositions to market.

Most insurance carriers report spending at least $2M and 10 months to launch a new term product.

Our purpose is simple. We enable our partners to:

Test and pivot in real-time sandbox environment
Create greater value across the entire
insurance buyer journey
Accelerate product development

We’re able to do this with far fewer risks and significantly less time and investment associated with traditional product development.
Greenhouse Insurance capabilities are backed by the expertise and experience of RGAX, making us the ideal partner for carriers and insurtech
companies looking to bring innovative ideas to market faster.

To learn more about our methodology and your benefits, simply fill out this form and we’ll share the Greenhouse brochure.  

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