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Enhanced Insurance Underwriting Decisions You Can Count On

Through the recent launch of RGAX Underwriting Solutions, we’ve combined the strength of our North American underwriting operations (ESP and LOGiQ3) with our state-of-the-art decision management technology (now named AURA NEXT). Together, they provide a comprehensive life insurance underwriting solution to help you optimize your risk management outcomes and better compete now and into the future.

RGAX Underwriting Services

Streamlined underwriting support 

An extensive network of life underwriting experts ready to partner with you to improve results.

Interactive training resource 

Strengthen your underwriters’ skills and leverage industry expertise through an online learning program.

RGAX Underwriting Services currently available in North America.

RGAX Underwriting Technology

Decision management platform 

More than just a rules engine, AURA NEXT is an automated underwriting decision software. It’s highly scalable and allows for seamless integration with other front/back-end processes. A complete view of risk combining advanced analytics, predictive models, and machine learning.

AURA NEXT Business Intelligence (BI) offers data visualization insights to refine strategic decision-making.

RGAX Underwriting Technology is available worldwide.

Backed by 50+ years of RGA’s underwriting expertise

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Customized services and software for your unique needs.

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Better informed decisions to optimize underwriting outcomes.

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End-to-end underwriting solutions for today and into the future.


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