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Deepen relationships to drive growth

The Engagement Challenge

Even though the life and health insurance industry has made many advances, consumer engagement remains one of its biggest challenges. As consumer preferences and behaviors have evolved, many carriers and distributors have struggled to develop engagement models that sufficiently connect with current consumer needs and strengthen relationships post-acquisition.

How We Can Help

Maintaining engagement and creating opportunities to deepen relationships throughout a client’s life cycle is critical to remaining competitive in today’s market and to building long term sustainable growth. Through our suite of engagement solutions and advisory services, we help insurance carriers and distributors remain relevant and thrive in an increasingly experiential, digital and social world.

Deepen Relationships

Create deeper, more meaningful customer relationships and improve policy retention and persistence with marketing technology. Build programs focused on delivering ongoing value, improving health and wellness, and interacting throughout the client life cycle.

Optimize Client Experience

Today’s consumers often care as much about the experience as they do the product. Improve the path to purchase with increased personalization and digitization, frictionless smartphone-friendly underwriting experiences and communications centered in the most relevant channels.

Build the Right Journey

Through our network of internal subject matter experts and capabilities, technology investments, external partnerships and vendor vetting services, we can help you design and implement an end-to-end engagement model tailored to your business and clients’ needs.

Solve New Challenges

New technologies, changing demographics and developing consumer trends give rise to new insurance needs and new opportunities for carriers to engage with policyholders. We help carriers identify and address these emerging opportunities, such as the growing needs of the elder care market and the increasing prevalence of wellness wearables.

Target New Segments

Develop solutions that target and attract new and under-served markets, such as millennials, low/middle-income families, and rural communities.

Expand Your Reach

Create engagement strategies and programs that expand relationships with existing policyholders, cross barriers to reach new consumers, and connect with consumers in new ways.

Build New Channels

Establish new paths to purchase and better, more intuitive customer journeys so that you can connect with more people and on their terms.

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Drive customer engagement
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