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How Might We

How might we redesign the financial product application process to use alternative data to reduce fraud?

How Might We

How might we use behavioral economics to design a program that gets our 30 million customers to live 1-3 years longer?

How Might We

How might we originate a life insurance policy at 0% of the cost, while maintaining the existing quality of the product?

How Might We

How might we create a Facebook-like process that allows us to continually share longevity data to pre-underwrite everyone in the US?



capital.svg CAPITAL

RGAX provides up to $1 million in Series seed and Series A funding, and $1-3 million in equity investment. Salary and benefits are also provided for up to two founders.

resources.svg RESOURCES

RGAX provides internal and external resources to help guide the EiR from start to finish.

capabilities.svg CAPABILITIES

RGAX supports EiRs with product concept validation, development, project management, and initial launch is included.


passion.svg PASSION

EiRs must need an unquenchable passion to make things happen...a fire in your belly...and a belief in the importance of the mission.

focus.svg FOCUS

EiRs must understand that their job is to ask how I can continually learn and improve, and keep the team focused on the end goal.

network.svg NETWORK

EiRs must have a robust network of contacts to bring in new deals and expedite current projects.


EiRs must possess the technical chops to fix problems as they occur.


The Change

Bringing transformative change to the entrenched life industry can be frustrating, and RGAX understands the need to tap into outside talent to solve complex problems for the industry.

The People

RGAX provides a group of like-minded, creative people to share ideas, learn new techniques and spread innovative ways of work. It can be challenging for early-stage companies to get traction with enterprise customers. RGAX EiR gives entrepreneurs a hyper-efficient process to validate their fit and to build strategic relationships with an RGA insurance ecosystem of support.

The Process

When working with EiRs to shape problem statements we do the following steps below which use variations of the underlying lean startup methodology and human-centered design.

  • Draft a clear problem statement
  • Short 10 min pitch to an RGAx team
  • Draft a business model canvas
  • Build prototype for minimal viable product
  • Develop and excecute a validation plan
  • Pitch to the relevant business portfolio

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