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Bermuda Set to Become a Test Bed for Insurance Innovation

The beautiful island nation of Bermuda is probably best known for its gorgeous beaches and award-winning resorts. But, to...

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The Transformative Power of Data within the Life Insurance Industry

Recently, I had the privilege to speak along with a number of insurtech thought leaders on a panel at the Covrtech Partner...

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8 Imperatives for Managing an Open Innovation Project

Insurance is no different than any other industry where companies strive to differentiate through their brand, product,...

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Why Being a Leader is More Effective Than a Boss

I just came back from a three-day leadership course. It was an insightful course that not only reinforced some of what I...

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Business Leadership Series Part 5: Understand the Levers

In part 1-4 of this business leadership series you’ve investigated the business structure, identified the gaps and...

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Fail Fast? First, Understand the Customer

From the Ford Edsel to a facial mask that delivers electric shocks, Sweden’s Museum of Failure offers hundreds of tangible,...

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Design Sprints for Insurance: How to get truly creative and deliver

Creativity on demand is a big ask, especially since it has to be done right to deliver real innovation in the insurance...

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Business Leadership Series Part 4: Balance the Constituents

As you reach step 4 of this business leadership series, we return to the idea that every business has several key...

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Big Ideas Competition Calls on Thinkers, Doers, and Dreamers

Innovation is blossoming at RGAX’s Big Ideas competition this spring. The multi-site pitch event and mentorship program...

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Distributed Ledgers, Blockchains, and Life and Health Insurance

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