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How a Strong Workplace Culture Supports Claims Innovation

The insurance industry is undergoing radical, rapid change, from the way people buy a policy or make a claim (e.g., online...

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Insurtech Can Remove Barriers to Personal Financial Responsibility

Most people would probably agree that getting adequate life insurance is the responsible thing to do, yet 70% of all...

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Driving AI Adoption in Life Insurance

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Collaboration Driving the Future of the Insurance Industry

Our CEO, Dennis Barnes, was profiled on Knowledge@Wharton, the online business analysis journal of the Wharton School of the...

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Insurance Business Leadership: A Guide on How to Run Your Business

Earlier I shared my roadmap to running a successful business operation for industry professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs,...

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How to Drive Positive Disruption in the Life Insurance Industry

  Innovation and disruption in the life insurance industry create new value for customers, carriers, insurtechs, reinsurers,...

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What Insurance Carriers Need to Prepare for the Future of AI

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Partnership Heralds a New Era of Innovation in InsurTech

RGAX partners with insurtech developers to tackle the life and health insurance industry’s toughest challenges. They seek to...

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7 Lessons from RGAX on Managing Talent for Innovation

Business leaders often talk about becoming an innovator in their industry. But innovation doesn’t just happen. It takes a...

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Midyear pulse: Life Insurance and Insurtech in North America

Another half of the year in the books, another $2+ billion invested in insurtech. The continued trend of 1) investment; 2)...

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