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News, wisdom and success stories

Explore the blog and be inspired. Posts fall into three primary categories:

NEWS | Useful news and information related to trends, events and developments in the insurance industry.

WISDOM | Thought leadership, insights and expertise on innovative solutions for insurance professionals.

STORIES | Discussions, interviews and event highlights – bringing insurance transformation to life.

Distributed Ledgers, Blockchains, and Life and Health Insurance

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Business Leadership Series Part 3: Create the Vision

Absolutely essential in your role as business leader is inspiring everyone involved in your company to achieve higher and...

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Wicked Problems: How to Recognise and Approach Them

Working on our key industry points of failure (our problems) is really hard, and before you even start it is important to...

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What Carriers need to know about SaaS

According to Accenture, 85% of insurance carriers believe that retaining a competitive edge will require them to innovate...

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Business Leadership Series Part 2: Assess the Current State

The second instalment of the Business Leadership Series offers a structured guide to go deep and get a good, close look at...

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Bringing Insurance from the Stone age to the Space Age

When it comes to industries keeping up with the times, some are naturally more advanced than others.  Sectors, such as...

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Business Leadership Series Part 1: Understanding the Business Model

I’m excited to introduce our latest blog series – this time, we’re giving a crash course on business leadership, geared...

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Many of us working in life insurance believe we make good, socially useful products; I do, too. Many of us also believe...

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Oh, the Places We’ll Go:  Insurtech Predictions for 2019

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Creating Immersive Customer Experiences in Insurtech

Immersive customer experiences and customer-first business models are making the buying of health care, education and even...

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