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News, wisdom and success stories

Explore the blog and be inspired. Posts fall into three primary categories:

NEWS | Useful news and information related to trends, events and developments in the insurance industry.

WISDOM | Thought leadership, insights and expertise on innovative solutions for insurance professionals.

STORIES | Discussions, interviews and event highlights – bringing insurance transformation to life.

Midyear pulse: Life Insurance and Insurtech in North America

Another half of the year in the books, another $2+ billion invested in insurtech. The continued trend of 1) investment; 2)...

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How the Wisdom of Lao Tzu Helped Shape My InsurTech Career

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Problem Solving Power of Open Innovation

What is open innovation and how can organizations leverage it? This open innovation infographic sums up eight best practices...

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Life Design Sprints Checklist: How to Leap Common Obstacles

Think about what it is like to introduce a new way of thinking to your team or organization, and the challenges you might...

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Business Leadership Series Part 7: Motivate the Team

You’ve made it to the final instalment of the business leadership series. Your business model is sound, the vision is set,...

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Insurtech Opportunities Heating up in Asia

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Female Founders in Tech: Kelle Bub on the Benefits of Being Human

RGAX Innovation Studio Director talks about finding your passion and the importance of personal relationships at work.

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Business Leadership Series Part 6: Run the Operation

Parts 1-5 of this business leadership series helped you set the foundation to run the business successfully. Now you are...

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6 Ways Insurtechs are Encouraging Financial Responsibility

When asked why they don’t buy life insurance, many people will cite the expense. However, most pay more annually for their...

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Bermuda Set to Become a Test Bed for Insurance Innovation

The beautiful island nation of Bermuda is probably best known for its gorgeous beaches and award-winning resorts. But, to...

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