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Case Study: Accelerating Digital Distribution in Life Insurance

The drive to modernize insurance distribution and sales through digital distribution has continued to accelerate...

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Partnering for Innovation in Insurance: Tackling the Industry’s Biggest Challenges

Innovation is a top priority for many life and health insurers. In this recent post, we explored how partnering can help...

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Selling Life Insurance: Four Lessons Learned from the Pandemic

There’s a well-known adage in our industry: Life insurance is sold, not bought. Of course, the science of selling –...

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Is Precision Medicine Shaping the Future of Wellness-Based Insurance Products?

Genetic testing continues to increase in popularity, with more people than ever purchasing direct-to-consumer genetic tests...

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Formula for Successful Life Insurance Innovation

This post was originally published in June 2019 and updated in August 2021. Three things typically go wrong with traditional...

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8 Pandemic Trends Impacting the Insurtech Startup Ecosystem

Despite the market uncertainty created by COVID-19, insurtech startups have continued to focus on helping move the insurance...

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The Buyer Experience and the Next Generation of Life Insurance Sales

As Baby Boomers and older Gen Xers achieve the kind of financial security that comes with an established career, sound...

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Tapping into Life & Health Insurance Innovation

Life and health insurance carriers place a high priority on innovation. In the International Insurance Society’s 2020 Global...

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Insights on Insurance and Insurtech in Asia Pacific with Sherry Du

Sherry Du joined RGAX as Managing Director, Asia Pacific, a little over a year ago. An actuary by training, she is a rising...

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Top 12 Insurtech and Digital Insurance Publications to Subscribe to in 2021

The insurtech and digital insurance market landscape is fast moving. To help you stay up-to-date on all the latest news and...

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