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Keeping Up with Change in the Insurance Industry

Sonr Global’s most recent Insurtech Briefing (Q4 2021) shows just how much our industry is changing from year to year – and...

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CHECKLIST: Creating a More Customer-Centric Digital Life Insurance Journey

More consumers are interested in purchasing life insurance these days. According to the 2021 LIMRA and Life Happens...

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D2C Digital Life Insurance in 2022: Reducing Friction and Increasing Customer Centricity

In the U.K., people search for life insurance on Google every 18 seconds.1 Life insurance–related keywords and phrases are...

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CEO Perspectives: 5 Life Insurance Trends to Track in 2022

In 2021, we continued to see certain focus areas rise to the top of conversations and strategic roadmaps for insurtechs and...

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8 Exercises that Promote Creativity and Champion Life Insurance Innovation

Getting employees to tap into creative thinking on-demand can be a roadblock to innovation, especially if it’s not a...

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Life Insurance Trends to Watch in 2022: Wellness, Eldercare & Genetics

One of the most common questions we get from carriers and technology partners is “What’s happening in ...” Because of the...

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The Five Stages of Accelerated Innovation in Life Insurance

Over the last couple of decades, life insurance carriers have seen their market opportunities and challenges shift...

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Nine Tips to Navigate the Innovation Path from Idea to Launch

Let’s set the scene. You’ve got an “innovative” idea. You aren’t sure exactly what the end product will look like, and it’ll...

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Roundup: The Future of Healthcare Roundtable Series

Over the past year, RGAX’s Future of Healthcare Roundtable Series explored the good, the bad, and the unexpected activities...

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Case Study: Accelerating Digital Distribution in Life Insurance

The drive to modernize insurance distribution and sales through digital distribution has continued to accelerate...

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