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[Checklist] How to Prepare for Innovation in Life Insurance

Innovation doesn’t just happen. It is usually the result of a specific challenge or constraint that requires focused...

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Lessons from Amazon: Culture of Innovation & Frictionless Customer Experience

In the United States, 18% of the GNP is spent on health-related products and services. Global markets usually range between...

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How Innovation and Partnership Can Close the Financial Protection Gap

It's no secret that major changes are needed across the life insurance distribution system to improve the customer...

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Plan V Care: A Case Study in Insurance Market Micro-Segmentation

To create sustained growth, insurers and distributors are changing how they look at target markets. Solutions designed to...

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Drivers Accelerating Convergence in Life Insurance Distribution

How has your life changed since the pandemic began? Maybe you’ve adopted some new habits—daily walks, working from home,...

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Why Don’t Millennial Women Engage with Life Insurance?

Female millennials are often left out of the insurance conversation. In a world striving for financial equality, solving...

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What is Wellness and Why Does it Matter to Insurers?

Coming out of the pandemic, it’s probably no surprise that wellness is top of mind for just about everyone. In a 2021 survey...

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CEO Perspectives: Stephen Leguillon, CEO of Seyna

  I had the pleasure of hosting the Tech Showcase at Insurtech Insights Europe. The companies pitching their innovations...

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From Embedded Finance to Embedded Life Insurance: Applying Lessons Learned

"...with more focused product offers come potentially lower distribution costs that end up in product savings for the...

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INFOGRAPHIC: Step One to Impactful Innovation in Life Insurance

Many of us say we want to be innovative, but we end up spending too much of our time putting out fires and managing...

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