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Explore the blog and be inspired. Posts fall into three primary categories:

NEWS | Useful news and information related to trends, events and developments in the insurance industry.

WISDOM | Thought leadership, insights and expertise on innovative solutions for insurance professionals.

STORIES | Discussions, interviews and event highlights – bringing insurance transformation to life.

Top 12 Insurtech and Digital Insurance Publications to Subscribe to in 2021

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The Future of Healthcare: Overcoming Obstacles to Digitalization

“Sometimes, the position carriers hold between physician and patient can be an uncomfortable one, but in this case, it gives...

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Digitization Versus Digitalization in Healthcare

With advancements in technology and science, healthcare has come a long way in the last 100 years. In the digital age, the...

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Using Technology to Transform Support for Mental Health and Addiction

TryCycle was born in 2012 when two grad students got together, just a stone’s throw away from Yale, to discuss what they...

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Insurtech Innovation in a Post-Pandemic World

How will we innovate in insurance in the post-pandemic world? How does this change the landscape for insurtech entrepreneurs?

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Health Apps Aren’t Just for the Young

A Big Problem Demands Small Solutions Perhaps no idea is more hotly debated than that of restructuring healthcare and the...

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The Future of Healthcare: Eldercare

Thanks to medical advancements, healthier lifestyles, and greater access to essentials like fresh food and water, people...

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7 Tips to Stay Connected with Your Remote Life Underwriting Team

Underwriting is often assumed to be a solitary role: just you, your client, and the ultimate decision. With straightforward...

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Can Insurers Look to Simple Behavior Changes for Mortality Improvement

As the coronavirus continues to spread disease worldwide, people are trying to be more hygienic and health-conscious than...

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Finding Success as a Female Founder in Technology

At RGAX we believe women can offer a valuable perspective to the field of technology and more specifically, insurtech....

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