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Top 12 Insurtech and Digital Insurance Publications to Subscribe to in 2021

The insurtech and digital insurance market landscape is fast moving. To help you stay up-to-date on all the latest news and advancements, I've compiled a list of my recommended online publications. 

Insurtech / Digital Insurance 
Bookmark or subscribe to these insurance industry-specific, tech-focused sites to stay ahead on the latest news in insurtech and digital insurance from around the world. 

  • 1. Coverager (US) – This online industry news site makes it easy to scan the latest headlines in insurtech news. The writing is informative, witty, and easy to read, which makes it the perfect trade publication to peruse while you’re still on that first cup of morning coffee or tea. Coverager also has an Opinion section that provides a dose of the unexpected, drawing parallels on companies such as Peloton, Tesla and McDonald's to the insurance industry. 

  • 2. Digital Insurance (US)  –  For a more in-depth delve into specific topics, such as insurtech funding, analytics, and the customer experience, Digital Insurance is a great read. This publication has an annual focus on women in insurance leadership. Recently, they’ve focused on honoring women, 40 and under, with outstanding influence and achievements in digital transformation. 

  • 3. The Digital Insurer (Asia) – Asia is a thriving insurance market, but it’s made up of many markets at many different stages of digital insurance development. The Digital Insurer provides the latest headlines on digital transformation in insurance markets across Asia. Occasionally, they’ll also publish stories from countries outside of Asia that sometimes don't get as much mainstream coverage in other publications.

  • 4. Insurtech News – Based in Italy, this site covers global digital insurance and insurtech headlines. They also publish an annual list of the top 50 insurtech online influencers. 

Insurance News  
Here are a few excellent online sites that focus on trends in the insurance market more broadly. 

  • 5. Insurance Portal  This is resource-rich for those doing business in Canada. Insurance Portal covers a wide range of activities in Canadian insurance news and who’s making it happen. The site covers both life and P&C insurance as well as the market trends driving these business decisions.  
  • 6. Asia Insurance Review – For an Asian perspective on the life and P&C insurance markets, you can’t beat Asia Insurance Review. Online archives for this publication go all the way back to 2001.
  • 7. Asia Insurance News – Another excellent site for staying abreast of what’s happening across the Asia insurance markets, Asia Insurance News is a subscription-based site (although it does offer a free trial.) This publication tracks industry executives as they make significant career moves. 

Start-Up, Tech, and Design  
Insurtech start-ups and more established companies looking to innovate internally may find it helpful to subscribe to tech-related publications that cover a wide range of industries. Here are four I recommend. 

  • 8. CB Insights (US) – Offering a business analytics platform and global databaseCB Insights provides market intelligence on private companies and investor activities. Even if you’re not using their platform, their daily newsletter is well-worth reading as it offers a wide range of data-driven insights into technology trends and the world of start-ups and venture capital. Insurtech is not the only segment they cover, so there are lots of opportunities to learn about how other industries such as retail, food and automotive, are innovating.
  • 9. Compass – Compass is a relatively new newsletter offered by Fast Company. Launched in April of 2019, Compass provides a cross-section of what the company calls the most interesting and important parts of our coverage.” In a time crunch, this is the business-focused newsletter to subscribe to.  
  • 10. Co.Design – Another Fast Company site, Co-Design focuses on the latest design trends, from the truly avant-garde to the brilliantly innovative, across many industries. Looking for inspiration? This is the site for you.
  • 11. TechCrunch – The essential source for what’s happening in the world of tech and start-ups in North America, TechCrunch is a must-read for anyone interested in technology. Unlike most of the other publications we’ve covered, TechCrunch also delves into the “politics” of technology and its implication on the broader world.

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  • 12. Last but not least, the RGAX blog covers our global perspectives and thought leadership on insurance industry trends and the world of insurtech and digital insurance.  

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Written by: Natalie Ho

Natalie is Vice President, Global Marketing and Brand eXperience for RGAX where she is responsible for leading the vision, planning and execution of RGAX's brand and marketing strategy and creating meaningful client and partner experiences. Prior to joining RGAX, Natalie spent 15 years as part of a start-up founding team specializing in life reinsurance consulting and software solutions. In 2018, she was named in Intelligent Insurer’s Rising Stars, profiling 45 young executives, under 35, destined for success within the insurance and reinsurance industry.

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