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Find opportunities, mitigate risk, and make better decisions faster

Harness the Power of Data

The insurance industry has long been rooted in data. But as the nature of data develops and its quantity, variety and speed grow at an ever-increasing pace, market leadership will increasingly depend on how well carriers are able to integrate analytics and take action on insights throughout their business.

Advanced Analytics for the Life and Health Insurance Industry

Whether it’s to improve underwriting and pricing, to provide highly personalized marketing and in force policyholder interactions, or to enhance fraud detection and reduce risk, RGAX is helping carriers infuse advanced data analytics tools and technologies into their organization to allow them to optimize decision making and capitalize on new growth opportunities.

Leverage Different Data Types

Create a strong foundation of mortality models by exploring diverse data types, like behavioral and medical data.

Combine Different Solutions

Explore combinations of solutions to create best-of-breed models, improve mortality and increase risk insights.

Individualize Risk Assessments

Optimize the use of requirements and produce individualized mortality risk scores and assessment journeys.

Customer Intelligence

We help carriers discover and connect diverse data sets to create models that provide a more holistic view of individual risk profiles for morbidity and mortality modeling and to better inform industry insights and research.

Predictive Models

Improve cross-sell activities, propensity-to-buy analysis, income verification and more.

Credit Risk Scores

Leverage credit behavior data to better predict mortality, morbidity and lapse risk.

Mortality Models

Build mortality risk scores based on extensive insurance claims data.


Improve the accuracy of group pricing models with the power of medical claims data. In just minutes, MedScore provides a group medical risk assessment that has proven to be highly predictive of future group insurance claims, including life, disability, health, and other group products.

MedScore Client Access

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Harness the power of data

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