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Accelerate innovation in life and health insurance through partnerships and co-creation

Ready to innovate?

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Transforming to Achieve Your Growth Objectives

As an accelerator, we’re dedicated to exploring and partnering to help solve complex industry challenges and to foster and champion industry growth. 

Rethinking eldercare and LTC

The intersection of health, wealth and data

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) value propositions

Embedded insurance

Rapidly changing risks and market volatility

Impact of the Great Resignation

Emerging market exploration

Rise of customer centricity

Disruptors flooding the industry

Future convergence of markets

Growing accumulation of data

Customer focus on trust

Demand for predictive power

Digital landscape evolving at record pace

Insurance innovation is imperative, and many insurers are turning to new strategies to meet their innovation goals.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to break down barriers for immediate impact.

Accelerating Innovation from Lightbulb to Launch

The distance from idea to execution is wider than you think. RGAX provides end-to-end capabilities through a structured innovation approach, helping you and your teams overcome many of the obstacles to innovation.

Concept Development

Concept Development





Scale Up

Scale Up

It takes us 5 days, on average, to facilitate a Life Design Sprint.

These focused innovation sessions are used for rapidly solving complex business problems and provide accelerated and concrete output.

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Driving Positive Disruption

It’s increasingly challenging to find groundbreaking innovation within a single company. Collaboration and co-creation allow us to source unique capabilities and expertise, both inside and outside the insurance industry, to develop new solutions.   

In less than 30 minutes, unlock the core components of an effective life insurance innovation strategy and learn how to move from big picture strategy to tactical actions.  


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Why Partner with RGAX

By partnering with RGAX, you gain access to our team of experts and an extensive industry-wide ecosystem, as well as reinsurance knowledge and diversity of thought – all in support of scale-up and long-term success.


Having a pulse on what’s next.

In our recent wellness, eldercare and genetics research, insurers identified several growth opportunities in product development to reduce claims and support financial wellbeing. Our global team is dedicated to exploring and testing ideas to keep your business relevant in today’s market. 

Being prepared for the unknown. Unforeseen events, such as a pandemic, can shift focus causing disruption.

Re-prioritize wellness

Insurers globally explore new solutions to motivate healthy lifestyles and to increase consumer engagement.

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Strengthening partnerships to launch innovative solutions reaching underserved consumers

2021 Celent Model Insurer of the Year

Digital platform provides exclusive Type 2 diabetes care in Mexico.

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Foster partnerships to fill capability

Through our network of 40+ insurtech partners and top 100+ insurers globally, and $65m invested in business venture, we enable new business models and emerging technologies to join forces to drive the industry forward


Solving the industry’s biggest challenges.

As a steward of the life and health insurance industry and enabler of insurance innovation globally, we bridge connections with insurers, insurtechs and global operations to help propel innovative ideas and solve for challenges that have grown larger than one company can resolve. 

Solving a jumbo-sized challenge through collaboration.

Jumbo treaty risk

TAI and MIB launch MIB Jumbo Service, a data solution to solve jumbo treaty violations.

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"We had already undergone a few months choreographing a new Insurtech concept and decided to engage with RGAX (and their Life Design Sprint process) to solidify our conviction on the idea before an investment pitch. Our team spent a highly valuable week stress-testing assumptions with the impressive RGAX team and the cadre of subject matter experts that they funneled in and out. We ended up with an entirely original solution our team was palpably excited about, while increasing our conviction about the idea manifold." ​ 

 - Mehrad Khosrowshahi, Entrepreneur 

Transformation Starts with a Conversation

Let’s discuss the latest developments and emerging trends to see how RGAX can support and propel your path towards innovation. 

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